About our 3D Printing Service
3d printing for the vintage car restorers

About our 3D Printing Service

We offer free 3D printing service quotations, so just send over a request to enquiries@3dclever.com

We require specific printing instructions which include colour, quantity, material and usage so we can give you a bespoke 3D printing quote.

Due to the versatility of 3D printing, it is advisable to talk to someone with regards to your 3D printing requirements. Filling out a quotation form may suit most circumstances but for the quote to have any validation it needs to be 100% accurate. Also, if the printing request is very urgent, then please give us a call on 07974245937 to help reduce the time processing the request.

Some of the features of the printers we use balances speed and accuracy to produce very detailed prints Changes in the layer hight allow non detailed parts to be printed (low resolution) quickly while being able to produce areas of high resolution for intricate areas.

The support used on our printers is very slight which means they can be removed with out damaging the surface of the print. Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) printers are constantly evolving and at 3dclever all our printer our no more than 12 months old. We are constantly upgrading or replacing machinery as that is the only way in this fast-growing market to stay ahead of the competition.

3dclever can offer a large range of finishes on the LFS printers . The following are: Grey, Black, White, Clear, Draft, Tough, High Temp V2, Durable, and Castable Wax.

Application 3dclever printers have been used covers a wide range from prototyping, vintage car parts, tools and fixtures. If you can draw the idea out on a piece of paper 3dclever can convert that idea into a 3d drawing and then print the finished item. The speed with which that is achieved is so much quicker than the old method of creating templates. So, the process of idea, design, print can be completed in days rather than weeks. Time is money in business and a process which will guarantee a reduction in time must be a winner.

Our staff have a number of years experience in this field and if you just want a consultation before considering using 3dprinting then we are pleased to offer that facility.

We can accept the following software types: .obj/.stl/.. All finished parts are sent tracked to your shipping address.


" Having been looking fruitlessly for months for a small plastic gear to repair the broken mileometer in my VW camper, I was delighted to be introduced to 3Dclever by a friend of mine. They made me an eleven-toothed gear of exactly the right size and material. This has now been installed, and the counter is working perfectly! I am delighted and would heartily recommend 3Dclever's work to anyone looking for that rare plastic part!" - Jonathan Bruton

"3Dclever was able to manufacture a new rubber gromit for my vintage Alvis as all usual supply avenues had none available" - Mr Pritchard Car Restorer

" The time to produce the jigs I reqiuired would have cost the company an extra 2 weeks but with the 3D printer technology the time was just 3 days " - Thomas Garner, MD