About our 3D Printing Service

We offer free 3D printing service quotations, so just send over a request to enquiries@3dclever.com

We require specific printing instructions which include colour, quantity, material and usage so we can give you a bespoke 3D printing quote.

Due to the versatility of 3D printing, it is advisable to talk to someone with regards to your 3D printing requirements. Filling out a quotation form may suit most circumstances but for the quote to have any validation it needs to be 100% accurate. Also, if the printing request is very urgent, then please give us a call on 07974245937 to help reduce the time processing the request.

We can accept the following software types: .obj/.stl/.. All finished parts are sent tracked to your shipping address.


" Having been looking fruitlessly for months for a small plastic gear to repair the broken mileometer in my VW camper, I was delighted to be introduced to 3Dclever by a friend of mine. They made me an eleven-toothed gear of exactly the right size and material. This has now been installed, and the counter is working perfectly! I am delighted and would heartily recommend 3Dclever's work to anyone looking for that rare plastic part!" - Jonathan Bruton

"3Dclever was able to manufacture a new rubber gromit for my vintage Alvis as all usual supply avenues had none available" - Mr Pritchard Car Restorer

" The time to produce the jigs I reqiuired would have cost the company an extra 2 weeks but with the 3D printer technology the time was just 3 days " - Thomas Garner, MD