Project managing 3D printing projects from 3Dclever, a company based in the UK

"Bespoke 3D Printing Service from 3Dclever"

3dclever is a cost-effective service bureau supplying design, rapid prototyping and manufactured components. The technology we use specialises in production batches of end user components. Please phone 07974245937 or email if you would like to explore how we could benefit your business and to see some examples of our work.

Developing new ideas involves prototyping and 3d printing is the ideal mechanism to achieve this. Customers want to be guaranteed security in these matters and 3Dclever values customer confidentiality and will have no hesitation in signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement NDA

The software used to design parts is Fusion360 or Solidworks both of which are 3D printing service industry standard.

We offer a choice of 3D printing materials, so we can fulfill your 3D printing service needs exactly.

We can supply a fixed cost quote and guarantee the printing results you require or we will give you your money back.