prototyping and short-run manufacturing.Detailed parts can be scanned first then 3D printed

prototyping and short-run manufacturing.
The detail and ease with which jewellery can be made .

prototyping and short-run manufacturing.
Car parts can be replicated cheaply & quickly.

Industrial Applications

Due to the versatility of 3dprinting and rapid prototyping, 3Dclever has been involved in a wide range of business sectors.
Architecture uses 3dprinting to produce small scale replication of designs. This enables clients and designers to show their designs in the best possible way.
3Dclever has supplied vintage car restorers with parts which would have cost a great deal more if they had set up a production line to produce a small quantity. Traditionally parts came from old cars which were deemed unrepairable but due to the value of vintage vehicles this area of supply has become less reliable.
Prototyping was the traditional market for 3dprinting but due to the lowering of cost of ownership and improvements in 3dprinting speed, manufacturing options are becoming more common.
Rapid Prototyping approach

Injection moulding has been the go-to solution for many of the plastic objects produced it is accurate and consistent however 3dprinting had become a serious contender to this production method. Designs supplied in the morning email could be on the 3dprinter and back out to the customer by the end of the day. The accuracy of LFS 3dprinting is set to 25 microns which for most pieces of work this is well within specification. 3dclever would like to call itself a plastic digital manufacturer and with the option of 3d scanning the company can offer a complete solution. The process is tried and tested and has evolved into many areas as the industry standard.

The CAD creation can now be seen as taking over the tooling process when running a start-up manufacturing process. The other advantage of 3dprinting is order level requirements are very low so the total cost of initial cost/ viability is very low. The need to process thousands of the same parts to bring down the cost makes development very risky. With 3dprinting the products get to market faster and the cost of failure are lower. One of our 3dprinters has a top print speed of 100 mm per hour which mean build times are very manageable.

3dclever has a number of partner companies who can fill any short comings we have in being able to offer a complete service. One of those will paint and decorate any finished item, e.g. are figures or buildings. Reproduction of scenes for a customer involved creating a building to scale and producing people to the same scale, the finished article was an exact recreation of a new proposed development and potential customers could get a feel for the layout and approach the developer was taking.

We can accommodate most industrial sectors and would be pleased if you invited us to quote or opt for a free consultation. A new insight into a problem often yields results and it costs nothing to explore possibilities. Today, manufacturing is global but prototyping and small-scale trials are better controlled locally to the company, this reduces the possibility of communication problems or time issues.

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