3D Printing

If you need a bespoke or unique product created without the inherent start-up costs, then 3D printing is your best solution. Contact us for a FREE initial assessment, without obligation.

Specialising in reverse engineering, low-volume production runs and prototyping.

Product sketch example for 3D printing

2D to 3D

2D Paper designs can be transformed into 3D computer files. We can scan and design objects

3D design detail car

Accurate definition

The print definition is great for models and can give accurate scale interpretation

3dClever 3Dprinted alvis cap

Quick turnaround

This is a rubber cap for a vintage Alvis car which was recreated from the original

Machined parts manufacturer for all your 3D printing products

Model Boat

3dclever is a machined parts manufacturer which specialises in reverse engineering, low-volume production runs and prototyping.

Before you start any 3D Printing project, an independent assessment of the project can often save money in the long run.

Independent analysis of a design can only be achieved by someone who is not connected to the business. We use a range of design (cad/cam) and printing software when evaluating any new 3D printing jobs.
Jobs can be a few days’ work or longer and the initial assessment is free and without obligation.

If you have an idea and you want to evaluate the completed item without the inherent start-up costs, then 3D printing is your best solution.

Quick turnaround

Agile production is the ultimate in flexibility and speed of completion. Product design life cycle has to be flexible in its approach because many ideas start as a sketch on a piece of paper and then the design has to be created in a 3D format. 3DClever preferred 3D software is Fusion 360. Then this is where 3D printers are most effective with short production runs and machined parts manufacture.

Corrado hood guid

Machined Parts

Manufacturing with 3D printers may well involve repeated changes and new approaches to the same original idea and the use of a 3D printer is a quick and cheap solution to this process.

At 3DClever we have a range of printer technologies which allow us to tailor your needs to the best fit for the product. 3DClever uses SLS, SLA and FDM printers all of which have their own particular unique attributes. The range of materials (resin/filaments) on offer again are extensive so 3DClever is confident that matching the requirements of the product with the material will be possible.

3DClever can assist in the post-testing of any product, so in the event of the product being subject to heat or having to be flexible, we can carry out these tests and produce accurate reports for customers.

Agile Project Management

3DClever can offer project management services and can take a hands-on approach to any project a customer may find needs to be controlled due to the sophistication of the design or the customer does not have the resource to concern itself with the design process.

The customer may want to concentrate on their core processes and outsource any new product development so we can provide that facility. The aim after thorough testing is to produce a product which meets the criteria and specifications initially laid down by the customer.


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