Material Processes

3DClever is a small manufacturing company that is able to change and test new 3D printing methods and materials enabling us to remain at the forefront of 3D printing in the UK.

Resins used for 3D printing

petrol cap

3DClever has the knowledge to determine the right material for the design to work and be successful with a rapid prototyping manufacturing process such as 3D printing.

There are 20 individual resins which come in various colours, strengths and elasticity. It is essential when placing an order, to make us aware of any particular characteristics.

The finished item can be sanded or painted with acrylic paint which adheres to the surface without the need to prime or etch for good adhesion.

Rapid prototyping uses cheaper resins. The cost of the product increases when you move to manufacturing quality.

A recent introduction to 3DClever has been a resin which is very stiff and resistant to heat. This stiffness was shown when we produced a number of fan blades and the concern was that because the blades passed hot air through them then they would break down and distort but this did not happen. This new material is great for 3D printing thin walls, the rigidity of the structure remains good even when weight is applied to the side of the wall. We are starting to use this material on jigs and tooling because it has proven qualities which are important in those fields. The supplier of this resin lists the manufacture of manifolds as a possible usage although that is something which 3dclever has not experienced. Rigid Resin has had glass introduced into the resin which gives it extra rigidity and creates a polished finish. The disadvantage of this resin is that it produces a brittle substance so cutting and drilling of the finished product are not advised.

Grey Pro Resin is another new exciting resin which we are using for pieces of work that require high precision, moderate elongation and low creep. This resin is now our number one resin for machine parts prototyping because of its resistance to wear. The resin is more expensive than the standard resin we use to use but the advantages out way the cost and the finished product is perfect for prototyping testing. We have used this resin to produce moulds for injection mouldings and mould masters for plastics and silicones

Elastic flexible resin was used for the creation of the bumper grommets which will fit on a vintage Alvis car. (As shown in the picture). This will bend stretch compress and still hold its shape even after repeated cycles and without tearing. Can be used in instances where silicone or rubber would have previously been used. 3DClever has created theatre props with this resin as it is safe to use if any part becomes in contact with people. Also, the design of props needs to be tolerant because the accuracy of the work is difficult to create because the cost is so low. Quick simple and low cost seems to be the main ordering requirement from a theatre group we supplied products to.

Constant innovation and improvement have made 3DClever an important supplier to a number of companies. We are a small manufacturing company which allows us to change and test new methods and raw materials so that we can remain at the forefront of 3D printing in the UK.

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