How to Scale Objects

3DClever can scan your items and reproduce the item or change the scale so as to meet your requirement. Contact us for a FREE initial assessment, without obligation.


Working out the scale

Spreadsheet Conversion Scale Table

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Scanning and Prototyping


3DClever can scan your items and reproduce the item or change the scale so as to meet your requirement. Reverse engineering is one of our specialities and reproducing a broken train or creating special figures is what we do. Using our scanning techniques, we can convert an object into a 3D diagram. The 3D software 3DClever use is Fusion 360 which is an industry standard produced by Adobe for engineering companies. Modelling has a commercial use as well as a hobbyist pastime, as architects produce scale drawings and from these drawings, actual models are produced. Commercial planes and ships start as a model so as to test for environmental effects on the structure such as large waves or wind tunnel simulation for planes.

3DClever has produced prototypes of products which are only a fraction of the size of the real finished object. Is the shape good? Is it pleasing to the eye? The clients of 3DClever will set tests to ensure the prototype meets this criterion. However, the cost of short-run manufacturing techniques is small compared to producing a failure. Is the shape in the style of the rest of the compartment?

Project managers and research and development managers love 3D printing because the finished item can be produced and tested. The tests can be pre-set so the company’s goals for the product can be assured therefore reducing the risk of failure.

Due to the range of resins available 3DClever can match the properties of the finished item which adds to a company’s confidence in using a 3D-printed prototype to evaluate the success of a product.

3DClever can deliver very accurate work because of the type of printing technology we use. SLA printing can be set to print to an accuracy of 25thou which for most requirements is well within the tolerances of the product design. Naturally fine print setting has a time cost which results in the finished item costing more but because the option is available scanning of people and objects has a greater success

What scale to use

Setting the scale for your model depends on the environment. This could be a model plane, a model railway layout, a car or an architectural building. The other benefit of working to a set scale is you ensure all the elements look correct. Also, if you are adding a new figure or a new item and you are having to design this addition to your work, you can use the actual size of the item and then scale the size appropriately. This scaling system ensures the overall look of your layout has the correct sized parts. It should be noted that before you start you need to decide how much space you are going to allocate to your model.

Model Boat Parts

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