A pair of Ford Escort Mk3/4 Cabriolet Boot Hinge Covers from 3dclever

 A pair of Ford Escort Mk3/4 Cabriolet Boot Hinge Covers is available from 3dclever. These boot hinge covers are designed specifically for the Ford Escort Mk3/4 Cabriolet model. They provide a sleek and polished look to the boot hinges, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. Elevate the appearance of your Ford Escort Mk3/4 Cabriolet with these high-quality boot hinge covers from 3dclever. The item is supplied as a pair (2) and comes in a dark grey colour .

These covers are HANDED and each cover is marked with the letters L and R respectively, please when fitting the parts can you pay attention to this factor.

  • Made in UK
  • Brand new and high quality. All our products are covered by a quality guarantee that you can contact our 24-hour customer service for any problems with the product.

All parts are made in Britain and arrive unpainted and can be painted or sprayed to suit your requirements.

We also offer custom-designed prints for items which are no longer available,

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