Complete set of 9 Derwent Cabin Cruiser Spares

Included in the list of items is a new roof, a rudder, a flag (unpainted) a searchlight, a mast, a bollard, a life raft, an anchor, and engine  mount.I have now compiled and manufactured a kit of the many parts which are most often missing, damaged or warped on the majority of the ever popular Vintage model “Derwent” Cabin Cruisers.

The kit also includes a “Motor Securing Bracket” which is often broken off.

These parts are designed to fit both the Triang or Scalex “Derwent” (Battery), and “Thames” (Clockwork) versions of the boat.

Some of the parts in the kit will also fit the Triang and Scalex “Speedboat” and various other models in their range of boats.

e.g. Cleat, Rudder, Anchor, Searchlight and Stern Flag.

They may require slight finishing to slot into their appropriate holes in the deck as these hole diameters can vary slightly in plastic of that period. The upper Cabin framework sometimes tends to distort as well.

All parts will arrive in unpainted white plastic and with no logo on the Stern Flag as this is best carried out by the collector as they desire.

We also do custom prints for items you can no longer find, contact us for details.

We are currently looking for Distributors UK  and Overseas

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