Renault Sport OZ F1 Centre Caps


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A set of 4 centre caps for OZ F1 wheels found on Renault Clio Sports etc 

The cap is divided into 2 parts: the badge and the insert. This enables the badge to be painted separately (once painted just glue together)
It is supplied as a set of 4
This badge is designed to push on to the hub cap.
This means we can offer different badges such as Honda etc
The default size will fit OZ F1
Above is the picture of the insert with the securing holes
Please contact us with the diameter of your wheel insert so as to ensure the caps fits.
We can also do different designs if wanted. 
The cap is supplied in CLEAR material. The material can be painted or sprayed with paint to suit your requirements.
Acrylic paints and standard car paints can be used.